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ARDITO CONCEPT A brand new concept of 27 mt motor yacht. Dynamic performances and "think out of the box" volume layout, are the key features. Check it out!
Since 1979 Sanremomare has grown up constantly through various periods in the pleasure craft and marine services market. Today Sanremomare is renewned thanks to the new boost given mainly by yacht brokerage and shipyard supply services. Direct contact with customers is also new, thanks to the inauguration of a brand new ship chandler in Portosole Marina, Sanremo, and thanks to the staff, united and professional. In this period is taking shape the creation of our own design brand, under the charismatic guide of the reference figure of Sanremomare, Giuseppe "Nuccio" Magliocchetti. Three boats are being studied with similar characteristics but different dimensions. "Ardito" is the first step in this ambitious project.
38 years of yacht business
PRICE REDUCTION Some price reduction in our fleet. "Seina" and "Brighella" are now at lower price. Some interesting news for classic sailboat enthusiast.
NEW SHOP IN SANREMO New opening in Portosole Marina, Sanremo. Many interesting new offers and new products, our new ship chandler is now closer to the customers.
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